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Welcome new friends and huge hugs to the old ones. I hope all is well in your corner(s) of the world. Now, a meme/test gacked from [ profile] genealogygirl. I did horribly on her test, so don't feel badly if you don't do well on mine. I'll post the answers and explanations in a few days.
Click here to take a friendship/personal trivia quiz. If someone would like to tell me how to edit the HTML the test spits out so the leader board will appear here like it's supposed to I'd appreciate it. David's asleep, though, and I doubt he'd appreciate being woken up for this.
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Thanks for the supportive comments earlier,  [ profile] happy_daze and [ profile] chip_me It helped cheer me up.  Fiance is taking the GRE right now. Not because he's trying to get into grad school, but because it's a requirement to graduate in his major.  *shrugs*  I'm a little lonely, but my mood is improving. Julia (CutieMcPretty from Friends-Boards) made me a new banner to use there and I absolutely love it! See, look how pretty: 
Ooops, I hope that doesn't spoil you guys in Britain.  Smack me if it did.  I think you both know what's going on with the US episodes right now anyway, right? I'll post more later about my thoughts on how love triangles are an immediate recipe for (and product of) teenage angst (Inspired by re-reading Order of the Phoenix and by last night's episode of Joan of Arcadia.), but I'm in too good a mood to think about it right now. :-) Also, pumpkin chat tonight, which means yea!

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I successfully uploaded the two entries I'd made while offline a little while ago. I also managed to make my own new avatar. It's not going to replace the beautiful one Vero made me as my default, but I was sort of proud of it. I love Mike and Phoebe.
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I was looking for another file on my computer and found a "Friends" video I'd downloaded a while ago. (I don't mean an episode, I mean a fan-made video with a bunch of clips to a song.) I can't remember who made it, but I'm pretty sure the link came from the Ross and Rachel club on F-B. (I don't even remember whether it was old or new F-B.) Anyway, the song was "Say Goodbye" by Elton John, I think. The clips were almost all from the tenth season. Watching it made me cry. I mean, I enjoyed the clips, especially Emma waving at the camera in TOW Chandler Gets Caught, but it was very poignant about the show ending. I'm going to be a mess on the finale night, especially if the clip show they do before it is as well done as that video. A lot of time music can get to me when simple images can't. So if they use a song like that one or "Time of Your Life" or something equally emotional, I'll be a wreck before the episode even starts.

It's not like this is the first time one of my favorite shows went off the air. When "Wonder Years" ended I was in my early teens and I know I cried hard. (Of course, part of that was out of anger -- I couldn't believe they had Kevin and Winnie not end up together in the end. I'm still bitter.)

The show's ending I cried the hardest at, though, was "Farscape." I almost didn't even watch it because I was mad that Sci-Fi channel had canceled that brilliant show. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't, but Fiance encouraged me to. If you're not familiar with the show I need to tell you that there was an Earth man (John Criton) and an alien race similar to human woman (Aeryn Soon) who had had UST for years. Their relationship was the main thing that drew me to the show, even though I was also interested in the other characters. In the finale, they not only got engaged, but she also decided to have his baby. (Her alien physiology was such that she could decide when and if the pregnancy would take; she'd been putting it off for over a year.) So it was a really happy, romantic moment -- they were out in a rowboat in the middle of a lake. Then an alien spaceship zoomed over the lake and blew them both to smithereens (or maybe "beemed them up," but the ship was sure left empty). I started sobbing and didn't quit for quite a while. Fiance was at a loss for how to comfort me. I gave myself a splitting headache. (Of course, part of the crying was partly just me letting myself go because I was in the middle of a high-stress semester.) At any rate, I blame the sucky ending on the Sci-Fi channel, hence the boycott I mentioned a couple of posts ago. As I understand it, they are now working on a mini-series for Farscape that will give a more satisfactory ending (largely because of fan outcry at its ending). The actors that played John and Aeryn are supposed to be in it and it will air on Sci-Fi again. If they fix it, I'll forgive them, but until then I'm sticking to my boycott. (No, I don't hold grudges. *rolls eyes at self*)

Anyway, I fear that my extreme reaction to Farscape would be nothing compared to the emotional freak-out that would occur if Rachel actually left Ross for Paris in the Friends finale. I've been a Friends (and RnR) fan since I was either thirteen or fourteen. That's way too much time and emotional energy invested in their relationship, I know, but it's still true. (And I staged a similarly childish boycott of Friends for a month last summer because of the Season Nine finale. I didn't come back until the "Joey" show was announced officially.) I'm not actually worried that BKC would do this to me. I have to believe that they will actually end up together. They will, right? There's too much history for them not to. We've waited too long and been teased with reunions too many times for them to part as friends only. They have to make it worth our wait.


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