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So on the [ profile] wrisomifu front... I finally wrote something!  And I don't hate it.  Granted, it's not the bleeping [ profile] femgenficathon story I'm supposed to be writing, but since my muses aren't completely dead, I'll take it.  Am considering tossing the femgen story I'd started (which is here, btw, but it needs to be twice as long), and writing something for Downton Abbey from the same quote.  I'd do Daisy's point of view.  Would anyone be interested in betaing if I do? 

Anyway, on with the story.  I tried not to Ginny-bash, but there might be light hints of it.  I don't hate her, I just think she's like the least ideal wife possible for poor Harry.  (As Sarah [ profile] avonlea_dreamer and I were saying the other day, she's the Miss Bingley to his Mr. Darcy; Hermione's his Elizabeth.) 

Betaing/character suggestions/Brit Picking encouraged and you will be profusely thanked.  Only pre-reader was hubby.  PG rating.

An Evening at the Burrow

“And someday I'll have your son and we'll name him James, of course,” Ginny gushed.

“I don't think so,” Harry replied quietly. It had been a little over two years since Voldemort's death, and his girlfriend made less-than-subtle hints like this around him often. She was clearly dangling for the Potter engagement ring that she knew full-well was in his vault. Somehow, though, something was holding him back from giving it to her. He supposed it was only a matter of time, though shouldn't that thought make him happier?

“What do you mean? Of course you'd want to name him for your father.” Ginny was clearly surprised and a bit confused.

Story continued here. )
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Sorry for not posting this a few days ago, but go here and sign up for [ profile] wrisomifu!  Come on, Misery Loves Company!!! 
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First of 3 ficlets I've written recently.  Thanks to [ profile] ladybluestar for the beta! 

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